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30DaysToGlow Challenge

For the month of September, join Carla and The Beauty Chef team for our #30DaysToGLOW™ challenge!

30 days is all it takes to kickstart your inner beauty journey towards a healthier, happier gut and gorgeous, glowing skin.

Every week, we'll be sharing wellness inspiration with you on our blog to empower and support you throughout the challenge. Our expert contributors will cover everything from mindfulness to the connection between gut health and glowing skin, so be sure to keep up with us on Instagram for all the latest news and updates!

To join us on a journey to radiant skin, we invite you to simply take 1 teaspoon of GLOW Inner Beauty Powder every day for 30 days - that’s it!

Snap a selfie or show us your GLOW on Instagram by tagging #30DaysToGLOW and you could win a 6-month supply of GLOW Inner Beauty Powder to support you on your inner beauty journey.