“I am passionate about raising awareness of the link between beauty and gut health and hope that my products will not only help people to look good but feel better, too."  - Carla.

The Beauty Chef’s founder Carla learned first hand that beauty begins in the belly® when she was a teenager with troubled skin.

Suffering with eczema and allergies, Carla’s mother took her to a naturopath who adjusted her diet and soon cleared her skin.

“My inner beauty journey began with my own skin and health issues,” explains Carla. “I have seen that what I put into my mouth has a profound effect on my health.”

This visionary recognition of the link between a balanced microbiome (good gut health) and beautiful skin led to Carla being named a Skincare Innovator by Net-a-Porter’s The Edit magazine.

Carla is also the editor of the Wellbeing Beauty Book, the natural beauty columnist for Wellbeing Magazine, a Goodwill Ambassador for Australian Organic and in 2017, won the beauty category at the Instyle & Audi Women of Style Awards in Australia.

Carla spent the first 10 years of her working life as a writer and fashion stylist before turning her attention to beauty writing. But the allure quickly wore off and she became alarmed by the questionable synthetic substances found in many commercial beauty products.

Concerned about the beauty industry’s lack of transparency, Carla began writing about healthier alternatives. She also began making her own natural skincare from plants and organic foods and wrote her first best-selling book, Feeding Your Skin, published by Penguin books.

The Beauty Chef range now includes eight inner beauty products and two outer beauty skincare products. Every product in the range is a blend of Certified Organic, nutrient-dense wholefood ingredients, prebiotics and probiotics, all scientifically-formulated to fortify skin on the inside and outside.

Carla recently published her second book The Beauty Chef: Delicious Food For Radiant Skin, Gut Health and Wellbeing which contains more than 150 gluten and dairy-free healthy recipes to nourish your skin from within.


By then she was a mother of two small children (now teenagers). When her daughter experienced similar skin issues to her own, Carla put her family on a gut-healing protocol that included probiotic-rich, lacto-fermented wholefoods. Soon they all began to look and feel better. Carla’s friends began asking why her skin was looking so “glowy”.

Carla began lacto-fermenting foods in her Bondi kitchen and this eventually led to the creation of GLOW™, The Beauty Chef’s first inner beauty product which contains 24 bio-fermented, skin-loving superfoods.

Carla works with leading microbiologists, nutritionists and naturopaths, employing cutting edge research to ensure the efficacy of her existing products and develop innovative new products that will be market leaders.

By raising awareness of the link between beauty and gut health, Carla has shown beauty that really is more than skin deep.

She firmly believes it’s an inside-out process.



GLOW, which launched in 2009, was the world’s first living, bio-fermented, probiotic inner beauty product and created a whole new category of ingestible beauty products. The Beauty Chef was the first beauty brand to focus on cultivating good gut health for healthy skin - pioneering the philosophy of ‘Beauty From The Inside Out’ and ‘Beauty Begins in the Belly®.’

Based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Carla has been researching, writing and teaching about organic beauty and health for the last fifteen years.

Carla is the author of the best selling book Feeding Your Skin, editor of Wellbeing Beauty Book and is the natural beauty columnist for Wellbeing Magazine. She runs regular Beauty Chef workshops in Sydney. She is also the Goodwill Ambassador of Australian Organic.

She believes that organic skincare and food is the most sustainable choice for the health of both the individual and the environment.

An avid beauty chef and formulator, she has spent the last fifteen years, creating beauty products from foods in her kitchen and herbs from her garden.

During this time, Carla has collaborated with many of Australia’s best natural health practitioners and formulators. She has combined her knowledge and passion to create The Beauty Chef, the world’s first Living skincare range. Carla works with a dedicated team of chemists, naturopaths and nutritionists on her formulas that are based on her own unique recipes. 

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