In The Fridge With... Jodhi Meares

Carla Oates
Carla Oates The Beauty Chef Founder & CEO

Founder and Creative Director of THE UPSIDEJodhi Meares, certainly walks the walk when it comes to wellness. She's a devoted yogi, meditator and a longtime user of The Beauty Chef products.

Jodhi radiates with health, which makes us curious to know, what type of food can we find in her fridge?

Do you have a philosophy around food? 

"Not really, I’m mostly plant-based but I do eat sustainable fish now. I’ve had to learn to add veggies to my meals or have them in juices because if it was up to me I would just eat sandwiches, penne arrabiata and pizza which you can not live on!"

Do you enjoy cooking? What are your favourite recipes to cook?

"I do cook but I'm the type to make a huge pot of vegetable soup and eat that for the week. I get obsessed with food where I'll just eat the same thing over and over. I like keeping it simple the fresher the better but it’s just fuel for me.

In my veggie soup I put lots of greens in, usually with some white beans in there, carrots, onions, and chilli. I love chilli.

I also make a killer vegan chilli con carne. I put in Beyond Meat mince, black beans, onions, garlic, lots of fresh chilli, and other chilli condiments, and have it with guac!"

What are the non-negotiables in your grocery shop each week?

"Lemons, definitely. I love lemon water and hot lemon water in the morning. All the chillies and Tabascos, every variety of chilli condiment you could imagine. I always have an arrabiata sauce in there, as well as tomatoes I love tomatoes. And some kind of wrap or gluten-free bread like rice bread."

Where do you usually shop for groceries? 

"Locally, usually, just down at Rose Bay. I've gone there for years.

I used to live in Point Piper and I would walk to the grocery store, Parisi’s, which has a good organic section, so I often go there. When I lived in Hawaii everything was from a market and it was so nice."

How often do you do a grocery shop?

"Just whenever I need stuff. It’s just me and Soda (my dog) so I don’t tend to fill the fridge with items which aren’t necessary."

Are there any foods or snacks that you’ve been loving lately? How do you prepare them?

"I’m a big celery, carrot and hummus fan. I put chilli and more lemon in my hummus I always make my own mix out of the store-bought hummus. Pilpel hummus is the best but I even add to that. It’s such a go-to snack because it’s so filling and I'm the type of person to just have that for lunch sometimes too."

What is your favourite Beauty Chef product(s) and why? How long have you been taking it for? 

"I’ve been taking The Beauty Chef products since Carla first launched them I love all of them but COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost for the skin benefits is so great."

What does your inner beauty routine look like? 

"I tried to keep processed foods to a minimum and as much as I would like to say that I am diligent about my supplements, it's a conscious effort. I find it so much easier to keep up with The Beauty Chef products because they are so enjoyable to include as part of your routine and I can just keep them in my fridge."

What’s your favourite way to enjoy your Beauty Chef products?

"Just in water, I love to flavour my water!"

Sweet or savoury? "Savoury."

Your all-time favourite food? "Spaghetti or Penne arrabiata." 

Coffee or tea? "Coffee."

Takeout or a home cooked meal? "Home cooked meal."

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