Get Gutsy With... Amanda Keller

With Amanda Keller

As one of Australia's most well-recognised names, Amanda Keller currently hosts WSFM's breakfast show: Jonesy and Amanda in the Morning and the Logie Award winning lifestyle show, The Living Room.

Given her incredible career accomplishments, we were thrilled Amanda was happy to share her thoughts on ageing and what makes her feel gutsy and empowered...

What do you celebrate about getting older?

I never begrudge getting older. I have several friends who I've lost, and others who are going through medical hardships, and I'm grateful to be here!!! I'm thrilled to still be working. I get to feel connected, creative and fulfilled every day, in an industry that doesn't always celebrate women my age!

What is something you would tell your 20-year-old self?

I'd definitely tell my younger self to wear sunscreen! I would film on the equator (for Beyond 2000) with no sunscreen!! Now, I don't leave the house without it. I'd also tell myself to stop agonising over the size of my stomach. Your future self will think you look fine—don't waste your time obsessing.

What is something that you do that makes you feel gutsy and empowered?

I realised the other day that I actually know what I'm doing. For so long I felt like I was scrambling to make it look like I had a semblance of confidence. I feel empowered knowing that I actually have some knowledge drawn from experience.

What is one hobby or activity that is bringing you joy right now?

When I was younger I had no desire to cook. Pretty much convinced myself that I couldn't do it. Now I love it. Particularly baking. They say love is a doing word... every weekend I bake my husband a batch of chocolate chip cookies. They're not my 'thing' to eat, but I bake them for him. Aww shucks.

How has your emotional wellbeing evolved as you've gotten older?

My hours can be pretty gruelling so I have learnt to take my wellbeing seriously, both physical and emotional. I'm healthier than I've been in the past. Years ago after our breakfast radio show, Jonesy and I used to go to the cafe to eat a baked potato topped with mince and sour cream! At 10am!! I'd never do that now. I make an afternoon sleep a priority and don't apologise to people for it. And I take my GLOW gut health powder and various Beauty Chef 'potions' to help my skin and inner 'glow'. It all helps with your emotional wellbeing.

Are there any challenges—physical/emotional/spiritual—that have surprised you?

I've been really challenged by my sons leaving home. They are 21 and 19 and both live away from home at various campuses. Not only do I miss them, the whole 'leaving' process has made me think about my mum, who died 17 years ago. I too left home to study when I left school, and I didn't give my family a backward glance. I wish I could talk to Mum about how she felt at the time, and apologise for being so cavalier.

How have your priorities shifted as you've reached the milestone of 50?

I'm finally getting better at putting myself first. I'd try and make things right for everyone around me. That's okay when it's your family, but I'd also do it at work. It's exhausting. I'm finally getting the confidence to say no to things without guilt (well, I'm trying). The only person who can make my life easier is me, and I tend to forget that.



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