7 easy recipes to boost your veggie intake

Carla Oates
Carla Oates

There’s no doubt about it, eating healthy around the clock requires conscious effort. Especially when you’re lacking inspiration come mealtimes.

One thing that really helps? Having a few delicious and veggie-heavy recipes up your sleeve.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite smoothies, salads and nourishing bowls so you can slip in the good stuff more often.

Better yet, they all feature a diverse range of vegetables to broaden your chef skills (and tastebuds!).

Cleanse & Reset Smoothie

With spinach, avocado, mint and our delicious apple-flavoured DAILY SUPERGREENS powder, this smoothie is a great way to up your daily intake of green goodness.

Kale Bowl with Quinoa, Fermented Vegetables, Wakame and Avocado

If you’re usually not a fan of kale, try this. Wilted for easy eating, paired with fermented vegetables and drizzled with a tahini dressing, it doesn’t get much tastier.

Roasted Carrot, Witlof & Toasted Walnut Salad with Orange & Umeboshi Dressing

With a punchy citrus dressing and a rich source of pro-vitamin A, this nourishing salad is a winner year-round. Leafy superfood witlof is paired with caramelised carrots for a satisfying mouthful with every bite.

Indian-Spiced Sweet Potato & Lentil Cakes

These addictive spicy cakes are great for the time poor, as they can easily be made ahead of time for dinner or a lunchbox snack. Serve with a side of greens and yoghurt, or use in place of a patty for burger night. 

Raw Cauliflower & Lemon Tabouli With Grilled Haloumi

Blitzed cauliflower makes for a superior and nutrient-rich alternative to bulgar in this homemade tabouli recipe. 

Baked Yoghurt & Herb Salmon with Fennel & Lemon

It’s no secret that salmon offers plenty of health-related benefits but it’s the fennel, leek and dill that takes this plate of goodness to the next level.

Sauerkraut with Carrot, Caraway Seeds & Juniper Berries

We’re huge fans of fermentation at The Beauty Chef. Not only is this sauerkraut recipe delicious but through the fermentation process comes prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic benefits. Plus, it can be stored in your fridge for up to 3 months for an easy, anytime accompaniment. 

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