4 Ways to De-Stress—And Stay Sane—This Holidays

By Courtenay Turner

‘Tis the season to be merry—and a little stressed and overwhelmed! If the holidays have your cortisol levels soaring and leave you feeling stretched, read on for some simple tips to help cultivate a little calm...

Step 1: Let Go Of Perfectionism

Hosting the family feast this year? Say “no” to excessive stress by reminding yourself that hospitality is less about having a spotless home and more about the heart behind it all. When you let go of the expectation that everything has to be perfect, it’s far easier (and actually enjoyable) to welcome people into your space. Focus on connecting with your friends and family⁠—everything else is secondary.

Step 2: Give A Different Gift

If you’re struggling to find the perfect present, get creative and ask your friends and family members to choose a charity and make a donation on their behalf instead. You’ll be contributing to a cause they care about and save yourself a trip to the shops. Win, win!

Step 3: Nail Your Nightly Ritual

If you want to face the holiday season with energy, enthusiasm and resilience, don’t skimp on sleep. Get a full 8 hours by reducing screen time, avoiding alcohol after dinner and adding a soothing herbal tonic, like SLEEP Inner Beauty Support™, into your PM routine. SLEEP contains lemon balm and passionflower which are commonly used in Western herbal medicine to reduce restlessness and relieve symptoms of mild anxiety⁠—perfect for periods when tensions might be running a little high.

Step 4: Space Out Your Socialising

It’s easy to fall prey to the overwhelm of the holiday period, so where possible, leave time in between appointments to avoid burning out. While it’s tempting to squeeze in a catch-up with your bestie right after lunch with the inlaws, there’s no harm in giving yourself a little time to relax and unwind before the next big calendar event.

How do you keep your cool throughout the party season?

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