Get Gutsy With Carla | Carla’s Guide To Glowing Skin For The Holiday Season

December, 2019 // ask carla

We all know that the party season can take a serious toll on our skin, but here are a few simple tricks and tips I swear by to stay radiant...

Stay Hydrated

I love to indulge in a beautiful bottle of wine with friends, but I follow up every drink with a glass of water. For something a little more luxe, I like to add a dash of COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost to sparkling water for a berry-flavoured mocktail. This is a great way to space out your alcohol consumption and minimise the risk of dehydration, especially considering that alcohol actually inhibits the release of the hormone that’s needed for water reabsorption.

Exfoliate The Right Way

Exfoliation is essential for smooth and supple skin, but too much scrubbing can damage the top layer of your epidermis and even lead to the development of broken blood vessels. Avoid irritation, redness and sensitivity by limiting physical exfoliation, and instead, opt for a natural, chemical exfoliant like our Probiotic Skin Refiner. This little miracle worker is naturally rich in lactic acid which helps to loosen the bonds between skin cells so they shed faster, boosting cellular turnover to improve tone and texture So if your skin is suffering from too much sun, surf or snow—or you’ve overdosed on sugar, stress or lack of sleep—a natural chemical exfoliant is a surefire way to refresh your complexion.

Pamper Yourself, Naturally

Skip the sheet mask, and instead, give yourself a quick and easy DIY facial. My favourite way to shed dead skin cells and brighten up my complexion is by using a simple mixture of papaya and yoghurt. I simply whiz up some papaya flesh and natural yoghurt in a blender and then apply to my face. The enzymes in the papaya—along with the lactic acid in the yoghurt—are brilliant for refining the skin. Wash off after 10-20 minutes.


I do my best to incorporate a good dose of leafy greens into every meal at this time of year as they help to combat inflammation. Given that our sugar and alcohol consumption is often higher, upping our intake of anti-inflammatory foods is more important than ever. Some of my go-to varieties include spinach, kale, rocket, microgreens and collard greens.


My go-to trick for combatting puffy party eyes is affordable, easy and totally natural. Simply steep two chamomile tea bags in hot water, squeeze gently and pop them in the freezer. Once they're chilled, place over your eyes for a soothing, at-home treatment.


Inflammation is one of the main drivers of skin-related issues and premature ageing, but you can reduce its impact by eating more fibrous food. Fibre supports your microbiome and promotes the creation of short chain fatty acids, which are powerful anti-inflammatory compounds.


I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to maintain a healthy sleeping schedule when my calendar is full of social events, meetings and late evenings. But over the years, I’ve learnt that prioritising quality sleep is essential for my skin, as this is the time that your body uses to rest and repair. I like to take a teaspoon of SLEEP Inner Beauty Support™ in warm coconut milk to switch off after a big day. I find that it helps me to fall into a deep and restorative slumber, which means I wake up feeling alert, energetic and glowing!

What’s your go-to tip for healthy, radiant skin during the party season?

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