The Ingredients In SUPERGENES™ You Need To Know

By Carla Oates

Introducing SUPERGENES™: the newest launch from the pioneers of inner beauty.

SUPERGENES™ is an innovative new range of intensive herbal probiotics, made from evidence-based herbs and evidence-based probiotics. 

Each product in the SUPERGENES™ range is comprised of pure, traditional and science-based formulas to support your beauty and wellbeing needs. There are five SUPERGENES to choose from: SLEEP SUPPORT, MENOPAUSAL BALANCE, PMS SUPPORT, STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF and HEALTHY HAIR & NAILS.

How does SUPERGENES™ support each targeted health concern? These are the ingredients you need to know.

Across The SUPERGENES™ Range

SUPERGENES™ are intensive herbal probiotics—and we think this makes them pretty unique. This means that every SUPERGENES™ product contains three things: medicinal herbs, nutrients and our exclusive GUT5Y™ probiotic strains. This combination of traditional and science-based ingredients makes SUPERGENES™ an innovative solution to modern health, beauty and wellbeing concerns.

SUPERGENES™ capsules do not contain magnesium stearate or bovine gelatine; we have used rice hulls instead. Similarly, we have used hypromellose in place of bovine gelatine. Sometimes, what we leave out is just as important as what we put in. 


California poppy: Native to California, this plant extract is traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to help manage feelings of restlessness before bed and provide relief from nervous energy.

Passionflower: This medicinal herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to assist your body to drift off to sleep and is a spasmolytic, helping calm your muscles in preparation for sleep.

Lemon balm: A calming herb, lemon balm is a herb utilised in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help treat sleep disturbances by decreasing nervous energy and reducing feelings of restlessness after a long, busy day.

GUT5Y-1™: Our exclusive probiotic strain GUT5Y-1™ provides millions of organisms to supercharge SLEEP SUPPORT for optimum results. This strain of probiotic was specifically chosen for SLEEP SUPPORT.


Hops: Used traditionally in Western Herbal Medicine, this herb can help the body unwind by relieving nervous energy and feelings of restlessness.

Schisandra: An adaptogen native to Northern China, this herb is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help to relieve the night sweats brought on by menopause.

Dong quai: Sometimes referred to as the ‘female herb’, dong quai is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help manage the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes.

GUT5Y-5™: Specifically chosen for MENOPAUSAL BALANCE, our exclusive probiotic strain GUT5Y-5™ provides millions of organisms for optimum results. 


Vitex: Derived from the chaste tree, Vitex has been traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to support female reproductive health and help maintain a healthy menstrual cycle. It can also help to encourage a regular monthly period and relieve some of the uncomfortable symptoms of PMS, such as breast pain and menstrual cramps.

Iodine: An element that humans can’t produce ourselves, iodine is a supplement that can help to support healthy thyroid gland function and the production of thyroid hormones.

Chromium: This mineral can help support healthy blood sugar levels and help the body to break down dietary fat.

GUT5Y-3™: Specifically chosen for PMS SUPPORT, our exclusive probiotic strain GUT5Y-3™ provides millions of organisms for optimum results. 


Affron®: A premium ingredient made from clinically studied saffron, Affron® is the ultimate multitasker: it supports general mental wellbeing and can help relieve symptoms of stress, nervous tension, mild anxiety and improve the quality of sleep.

Withania: Sometimes referred to as ashwagandha, this medicinal herb is commonly used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and can help the body adapt to stress by supporting the nervous system and reducing the symptoms of mild anxiety. 

Vitamin B5: This vitamin is essential for almost all of your body’s systems and helps support your body during times of stress while also helping with energy production.

GUT5Y-2™: Specifically chosen for STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF, our exclusive probiotic strain GUT5Y-2™ provides millions of organisms for optimum results.


Biotin: This ingredient helps the body to produce keratin—the protein that helps keep your hair and skin healthy.

Kelp: Rich in iodine, kelp is an ingredient that can help support thyroid hormones and maintain healthy gland function.

Bamboo: A plant that is native to tropical climates, bamboo is a good source of silica, which is a nutrient that helps to support skin and hair follicle health.

GUT5Y-4™: Specifically chosen for HEALTHY HAIR & NAILS, our exclusive probiotic strain GUT5Y-4™ provides millions of organisms for optimum results.

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