How Long Do You Need To Take GLOW® To See Results?

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Carla Oates The Beauty Chef Founder

By Carla Oates

Since 2009, more than one million people have reaped the rewards of The Beauty Chef’s OG beauty powder: GLOW® Inner Beauty Essential. Over the past 14 years, GLOW® has remained our best-selling product. Why are people so loyal to this berry-flavoured powder that promotes wellbeing from the inside out? And how long does it take to see the benefits? Allow us to explain…

Beauty Begins In The Belly

We firmly believe that ‘beauty begins in the belly’. Bright, radiant skin starts in the gut and the best way to tend to your digestive health is with GLOW® (for under 50s) or GLOW AGELESS™ (for those 50+).

At The Beauty Chef, we often use the analogy of our gut being like a garden—when the soil is healthy and well-balanced nutritionally, plants are able to thrive and flourish. When applied to our gut, this analogy rings true as when we tend to it gently, nourishing it with nutrient-dense wholefoods and beneficial bacteria—we experience optimal health, wellbeing and glowing skin. As the centre of your immune system, the gut is where you produce feel-good neurotransmitters, regulate hormones, neutralise pathogens, eliminate toxins and manufacture nutrients. It’s no wonder then that the state of your microbiome has a profound impact on almost every aspect of your health—including your skin, weight, mood, immunity, brain health and overall wellbeing.

While an imbalance in our gut can cause a myriad of symptoms— our skin, as our body’s largest organ, is often the first to alert us that there is something amiss inside. Although we may not be aware of it, there is a constant dialogue between our gut and skin, known as the gut-skin axis.

There is also a building body of research that illustrates that where there is gut inflammation, there will be skin inflammation. Evidence shows that most skin issues—including acne, rosacea, eczema and autoimmune skin issues like psoriasis—are also all fuelled by inflammation.

Furthermore, when it comes to premature ageing of the skin and body—gut inflammation is one of the main drivers. This ‘inflammageing’ can be caused by a number of environmental and lifestyle factors—including stress, lack of sleep and environmental toxins–but when it comes to influencing our gut health, food undoubtedly has the most profound impact. If you are not eating well, or more importantly, not digesting your food well, then your skin will not be receiving the nutrition it needs to keep it healthy and glowing. This is the gut-skin axis in action.

Is Your Gut Health Dulling Your Glow?

Is your skin not behaving the way you’d like it to? Here are four signs your gut is the culprit:

  1. You’re Feeling (And Looking) Inflamed

Inflammatory skin conditions like acne, eczema and rosacea can be difficult to both diagnose and treat given that there are thought to be countless triggers—however often, they are linked to food allergies or leaky gut syndrome

  1. Your Nails Are Brittle And Your Hair Looks Dull

When your gut isn’t functioning optimally, its ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients can be compromised. As a result, you can experience weak nails and brittle, lifeless hair.

  1. You’re Constipated

If your bowels aren’t moving properly, toxins that would otherwise be eliminated can be retained. This can leave your lymphatic system—one of your body’s key elimination systems—feeling sluggish and also result in your skin having to pick up the slack to assist in the removal of wastes and toxins. 

  1. Your Topicals Aren’t Performing

If, despite soaking your skin in serums and indulging in regular facial treatments, your skin is still looking less than glowy, it could be a sign that your skin issues lie deep beyond the dermis. 

What’s In GLOW® And What Does Each Ingredient Do?

Our next generation daily beauty powder contains 17 Certified Organic bio-fermented wholefoods including maqui berries, queen garnet plum and pomegranate fruit peel extract, to support radiant skin, gut health and improved wellbeing. With vitamin C to boost collagen production, skin protective antioxidants and zinc to support healthy hair and nails, our supercharged formula also contains provitamin A, broadspectrum B vitamins and even more probiotics and postbiotics for luminous skin—from the inside out.

When Should I Expect To See Results?

As cellular turnover of the skin generally takes between 30–45 days, our customers report experiencing positive effects after about a month. Please note, however, that results vary from person to person depending on their current skin concerns and gut health.

How Can I Amplify The Benefits Of GLOW®?

GLOW®? is designed to be amplified with a Boost—COLLAGEN, HYDRATION, ANTIOXIDANT, ADAPTOGEN or OMEGA ELIXIR™. 

SUPERGENES™, SLEEP and GUT PRIMER can be taken as per the label directions for use, and the remainder of the range can be taken up to two serves daily. These can be consumed either together or individually—in filtered water, coconut water, juices or smoothies. Recommended servings can be found on the bottle/tub.  

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