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Carla Oates The Beauty Chef Founder

With Isabella Schimid

Professional makeup artist, Isabella Schimid, is a leader in her field—working for publications and brands as diverse as RUSSH, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Aje, Marie Claire, Dion Lee and Emilia Wickstead... to name a few.

So it's fair to say that Isabella knows a thing or two about bringing a little 'glow' to her clients! Recently, we managed to sneak a few minutes of her time to ask her about how she celebrates getting older and the factors she now prioritises...

What do you celebrate about getting older?

The confidence and the art of not giving a shi*t!

What is something you would tell your 20-year-old self? 

Enjoy and be confident with yourself and your body! Get out there and don't be afraid—don't worry about what other people do or think.

What is something that you do that makes you feel gutsy and empowered?

Travelling alone and just making my own decisions.

What is one hobby or activity that is bringing you joy right now?

Walking and reading because during lockdown, I had all the time to explore my area and pick up a book after 25 years.

How has your emotional wellbeing evolved as you've gotten older?

I don't take things to heart anymore. My trust levels are more secure. And I can stop myself from getting too involved in other people's issues.

Are there any challenges—physical/emotional/spiritual—that have surprised you?

Definitely physical as my weight is becoming a struggle and emotionally due to hormonal changes—the tears and anxiety. I am usually a very calm person.

How have your priorities shifted as you've reached the milestone of 50?

Trying to be healthier. Thinking about my own needs first. And enjoying this confidence.

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