Get Gutsy With Carla: My SUPERGENES™ Routine

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Carla Oates The Beauty Chef Founder

By Carla Oates 

Here at The Beauty Chef, we recently launched SUPERGENES™: a range of targeted capsules designed to help manage some of the most prevalent lifestyle problems. This might just be one of our most exciting launches yet… 

SUPERGENES™ is a collection of five products: SLEEP SUPPORT, MENOPAUSAL BALANCE, PMS SUPPORT, STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF and HEALTHY HAIR & NAILS. During the product development process, we settled on these five products as they are some of the most common lifestyle concerns.

I created the SUPERGENES™ range with our customers in mind, as well as my friends, family and myself. At certain points in our lives, we all experience different health issues that can impact how we look and how we feel. It’s for this reason I had a strong desire to create a truly unique and efficacious capsule to help manage these issues. 

The best part? SUPERGENES™ is really easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Here’s how I do it.

Carla’s SUPERGENES™ Routine 

I still take my GLOW AGELESS Inner Beauty Essential every single morning without fail—it’s so great for keeping your skin lovely and glowing and radiant. GLOW also helps support gut health as well as your energy levels throughout the day—it’s my inner beauty moisturiser. 

In the same glass, I’ll add COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost, which is basically an inner beauty serum to turbo charge your routine.

Once I have my glass of GLOW and COLLAGEN ready, I’ll take PMS SUPPORT at the same time. Because I’ve always suffered from PMS—including painful periods and breast tenderness —PMS SUPPORT has been an absolute godsend, thanks to the medicinal herbs and evidence-based probiotics that help manage these symptoms.

One hour before bed, I take two SLEEP SUPPORT capsules to help me drift off to sleep. This product helps relieve restlessness and nervous energy, as well as promote a restorative sleep. I always sleep better when I take it and never wake up feeling groggy. 

Some days, I also take STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF when I can feel my cortisol levels rising!

As with all our products, it’s really important to create a daily SUPERGENES™ ritual. Consistency is key and you will see the best results by continual use of ingestible products. If you take SUPERGENES™ at the same time each day, you’re less likely to forget.

Photography: Lee Mathews x Anne Peeters