Get Gutsy with Carla: My day on a plate

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Carla Oates The Beauty Chef Founder & CEO

One of the things I am asked most often is what my day on a plate looks like—but the truth is no day is ever the same.

Life is busy and (as I'm sure you can all relate) I can't count on being at home or having the time to cook every meal. Plus, I love food and enjoy variety! 

I simply focus on incorporating a diverse range of gut-nourishing wholefoods daily, which typically includes lots of leafy greens, vegetables, protein and fibre. Harvesting fresh ingredients from my garden also adds an extra layer of happiness when building my plate.

Of course, I do have some daily habits that always make the cut—I take GLOW AGELESS™ and COLLAGEN every morning without fail and am an avid herbal tea drinker.

So although my meals are always changing, here is what a typical day on my plate looks like.



A cup of warm water with lemon juice and a peppermint tea.


One teaspoon of The Beauty Chef GLOW AGELESS™ and one tablespoon of COLLAGEN either stirred into a glass of filtered water or blended into a delicious smoothie with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Followed by muesli with kefir and fresh raspberries.




Two cups of herbal tea, some carrot sticks with hummus and a handful of tamari almonds.

Lunch & Afternoon Snack


A salmon lunch bowl with cauliflower rice, shredded cabbage, avocado and a miso & tahini dressing, with a tablespoon of kimchi. Later I have a chai latte and a few squares of 70 per cent dark chocolate.




A cup of warm bone broth.



Dinner of roast chicken, some sweet potato wedges with lots of herbs, and asparagus with tomatoes, olives and ghee.

A version of this article first appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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