Take a Movement Break with Kirsten King of Fluidform Pilates

“If I’ve learnt anything from 2020 is that you never know what’s around the corner,” says Kirsten King, founder of Fluidform Pilates. “So prioritise your strength and resilience to take on any challenge life throws your way!” 

One of our 30 Days to Glow partners—she’ll be leading a class and sharing snapshots of her wellness routine over at @thebeautychef—Kirsten heads up two Sydney studios, a comprehensive at-home program and counts Lara Worthington and Pip Edwards as fans. Her method? “With a focus on functional movement and postural alignment, we aim to engage your entire body to lengthen, build strength and tone.”  

Healthy Not Perfect

“For me, it’s about feeling my best, physically and emotionally when my body and mind is continuously evolving,” she says of the philosophy underpinning 30 Days to Glow. “There is no ‘perfect’ state or end result, but rather an ever-transforming journey of learning, growing and pushing my limits.”

Rethinking Resolutions

“My main piece of advice is to make yourself the priority—don’t compare your goals to the person next to you,” she says. Kirsten suggests setting both short and long term goals that complement each other, “so you can smash the small wins along the way. The most powerful goals are ones that continue to evolve as we learn and grow.”

Consistency is Key

A big believer in repetition and consistency, she says prioritising daily workouts “clears your schedule and mind for essential ‘me time’. The daily ritual of Pilates can be extremely meditative within our busy lives.” Together, these factors will “help grow your confidence, develop a sense of empowerment and feeling of self-worth,” she says.

Three Mindful Movements

“Breathing is one of the most powerful tools we have. Not only does it purify our blood by increasing the oxygen throughout our body and eliminating toxins, it also helps alleviate stress and tension in the body and mind. When used properly, it engages every deep core muscle as well and acts as the foundation for our movement.”

“Pelvic curls are one of the foundation Pilates moves and in my opinion one of the best. It’s the key to pelvic mobility and balance throughout the lower body and spine and starts the body and mind connection.”

“A plank is a total body exercise that engages your entire back chain, the muscle chain that holds your body upright. It’s used to set the body in a neutral positionoptimal alignmentand is the ideal way to turn bad posture into good. It works your deep core muscles and challenges both your body and mind to achieve the positioning and strength to perfect the position. It will leave you feeling strong and confident for the rest of the day.”

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