Meet Laure Sée, The Artist Behind Our Holiday Collection

By Carla Oates

For our holiday offering this year, we wanted to take a closer look at Flora Culture™, the unique bio-fermentation process responsible for supercharging our potent formulas.

We collaborated with Parisian artist, Laure Sée, who brought our live bacterial cultures and probiotics to life. Through explosive photography, potent in colour and texture, you can see the real beauty in bacteria.

How long have you been an artist?

“It’s been over ten years now, time flies! I started in Berlin, Germany where I lived for a few years and before moving home to Paris.”

How would you describe your art?

“That’s a tough one. In terms of technique, I like to mix photography with collages or paint but above all, I love to experiment. I’m always trying new ways to use photography combined with something else–it could be cut-outs, ink, folded paper or layering multiple images. The purpose of my work is to disrupt the audience and the focus of the image so you’re never quite sure of what you see. The reality is altered.”

Where do you source inspiration from?

“Anywhere and anything. It may be a water reflection somewhere or a drying forgotten bouquet of flowers in a vase. I’m also constantly visiting museums. If I had to name one artist, it would have to be Georgia O’Keeffe, she’s such an inspiring and powerful woman. I’m also obviously very curious about contemporary photography.”

You work a lot with floral motifs. What is it about flowers that you find so inspiring?

“I like that they are a timeless motif and were always a study in the history of art. It is an endless source of creation I feel. I love their fragility, their diversity and their subtlety. Powerful and weak. Mother nature is the greatest artist.” 

Talk us through the creative process for this project. Where did you start?

“I felt immediately connected with The Beauty Chef’s sense of beauty. Your approach of working with natural ingredients and bacterias really resonated strongly with me and my work. I had the feeling we spoke the same language, visually. I first took multiple macro photographs of flowers and natural ingredients, so close that it led to abstraction. I emerged the pictures in water for several hours and then shot the images again.” 

When you need a nature fix, where do you go?

“I visit an olive grove in the south of France. I’d also love to discover Australia someday.”

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