Getting Organised and Finding Balance with Beck Wadworth

“If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s the importance of prioritising health and wellbeing,” says Beck Wadworth, founder of An Organised Life. “When you feel healthy, you naturally glow on the outside—both as a person as well as physically through your body and skin.”

As one of our 30 Days to Glow partners, Beck shares below some of her simple-but-effective tips for how to stay organised and set realistic goals as we embark on a new year...

Healthy Not Perfect

“I personally live by this motto,” says Beck. “It’s about feeling your best from the inside out and looking after yourself both physically and mentally. No one is perfect and our imperfections are part of our individual stories, too. Embrace them.” 

Rethinking Resolutions

Before beginning to set your resolutions for 2021, Beck says, “it’s important to reflect on 2020 and to focus on what is important to you for the upcoming 12 months personally, professionally and financially.” She also emphasises the importance of being specific when it comes to goal-setting. “It sounds simple, but it’s very important to make sure your goals are very specific—and realistic. Try not to make them vague and think about what exactly you are hoping to achieve—and by when. Then, write yourself an action plan. How are you going to realistically achieve your personal, professional and financial goals? And what are the roadblocks you might face?”

Consistency Is Key

To stay on track, Beck says it’s important to set reminders and also celebrate the small wins. “I find it handy to write deadlines in my diary on certain dates that I want to finish tasks by so that I remain on track. Everyone will be different, [but] the more stepping stones and smaller tasks you have the better.” 

“[Also], make sure you celebrate the small milestones along the way. Remember all of the small actions and tasks are helping you get one step closer to the bigger goals. Reward yourself for your hard work and commitment. Having a strong vision and commitment to see your goals through to the end–and the belief you can do it (no matter what)—can really be the defining difference to making your dreams a reality. As 2020 has taught us, life can be unpredictable so stay positive, stay open minded—adjust or pivot where needed, prioritise and keep looking forward.”

Three Simple Tips for Staying Organised 

Beck is undoubtedly an organisational queen, so we couldn’t help but ask her to share her wisdom with us…

“Create and utilise a daily to-do list,” she says. “Jot down every single thing you need to do and prioritise your workload in a methodical way. This allows you to put everything into perspective, immediately reducing your stress levels and giving you a structured way to get through your workload. I love the satisfying feeling of ticking off each task throughout the day, too!”

Secondly, she suggests looking ahead and prepping and planning in advance. “Prep and planning is key when it comes to getting—and staying—organised,” she says. “Try planning your meals in advance, getting your outfit ready the night before, writing your to-do list for the following day the night before, or create a Sunday routine where you get your mind into the right headspace to tackle the week ahead. It could be as simple as setting aside 10 minutes to look at your diary and schedule for the week ahead. Never stand still. Always look ahead in order to keep on top of everything and stay organised.”

And finally, she emphasises the importance of being realistic with your time. “This is one of the easiest ways to organise your life. Overestimate, rather than underestimate, and be strict on yourself. I also find setting alarms to be helpful. I personally check my diary every night and set alarms that act as reminders for my working day. And delegate! When done correctly, delegating can make a world of difference. Choose the right people who have the skillset for the task you need to delegate, brief them properly—making sure they have all the important and relevant information—then set a clear deadline and do not micro-manage.”

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