Why you should ‘give an F’ about fermentation

Carla Oates
Carla Oates

Spend five minutes looking into gut health and you’re bound to come across the ‘F’ word in one form or another. Fermentation, ferments, fermented foods... but what the ‘F’ does it all mean? 

The word itself is recognisable enough and those familiar with it may first think of wine, yoghurt or (as far as more recent wellness trends go) kombucha 

But it’s also a key part of what we do here at The Beauty Chef—fermentation is our superpower.  

We don’t mean that lightly either; fermentation is an incredible process that anyone keen to cultivate better gut health, wellness and glowing skin should know about.  

On the flip side, there are also many gut health products on the market that don’t have fermented formulas or include fermented ingredients—so here’s why you should ‘give an F’ about fermentation. 

Fermentation in 5 seconds 

Dive deeper into fermentation 

It may be helpful to think of the process of fermentation like a well-made dress. Without fermentation, an ingredient is only a piece of material. Even if it’s the finest material available, it doesn’t become a stunning dress until it's cut, stitched and hemmed to form the most perfect slip-on silhouette.  

The Beauty Chef’s bio-fermentation process involves a mother culture made up of a variety of Lactobacillus species and beneficial yeasts. Translation in fashion? It’s a team of the most talented seamstresses in the world. 

The mother culture is introduced into the ingredients to ferment for a period of 6–8 weeks, working to break down the ingredients and convert them into a more active form as they become more bioavailable for the body. In other words, those pieces of material have now been transformed into a custom-fit dress with hand-stitched detailing.  

Not all fermentation processes are equal 

A lot of time, fermented products go hand in hand with probiotics—but just like the quality of fashion can vary, not all fermentation processes are equal. By employing 12 species of beneficial bacteria and yeast, The Beauty Chef process—known as FloraCulture™— creates a natural, broad-spectrum probiotic. The haute couture of fermentation, if you will. 

Unlike a standard probiotic supplement that you might find at the supermarket (which may only carry a couple of species or strains), the fermented products within The Beauty Chef range carry multiple, natural species and strains. These lacto-fermented ingredients also act as prebiotics, which feed the good bacteria in your gut. 

We don’t stop at prebiotics and probiotics, either. During our fermentation process also comes postbiotics, which are essentially the metabolic by-products from probiotic bacteria. Unlike probiotics, however, these anti-inflammatory outputs are more resistant to deterioration, making them an excellent way to deliver the benefits of good bacteria directly to the skin—which is why you’ll find them in our topical rejuvenating oil GLOW F.A.C.E, as well as GLOW® and GLOW AGELESS™. 

By feeding the skin with all the nutrients, prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics it needs to thrive—inside and out—the reward is often a radiant and resilient complexion. 

FloraCulture™—crafted in our bio-fermentation plant 

More than 20 years of research has gone into the development of our unique and natural bio-fermentation process, FloraCulture™. It's the art and science behind making our ingredients more potent and bioavailable.  

By having our own team of microbiologists in our purpose-built plant in Sydney, we’re able to have complete control over our fermentation process—from start to finish—and continue to be at the frontier of creating advanced, naturally probiotic nutritional supplements.  

We integrate the latest scientific research into every step and ferment probiotic bacteria to their peak concentrations. It's not just the fact our fermented products contain wholefood ingredients but that we’ve taken the nutrition of these ingredients even further for optimal potency—and that’s why you should ‘give an F’ about fermentation. 

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