How To Build A Healthy Plate

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Carla Oates The Beauty Chef Founder

By Carla Oates 

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Whether you’re taking part in the 14-day CLEANSE Reset or simply planning tonight’s dinner, there’s an art to building a healthy plate that will keep your gut happy.

If a five-step meal sounds easy, that’s only because it is—all you need is some leafy greens, vegetables, protein, good fats, low-GI carbs and a simple salad dressing. 

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Building A Healthy Plate In 5 Steps

Start With Salad & Vegetables 

Salad and vegetables should make up 50-70% of your plate. Start with a base of green leafy vegetables and then add a mix of cucumber, celery, grated fennel, grated beetroot, shredded green or red cabbage, tomato, onion, carrot and/or chopped capsicum.

Add Protein

Think: canned fish, chicken breast, lean lamb, boiled egg, tofu, goat’s cheese, nuts, seeds or legumes.

Incorporate Good Fats 

This could look like nuts, seeds or avocado. 

Add Low-GI Carbohydrates

Sweet potato, pumpkin, grains and pseudograins are great options, along with quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth.

Add Your Own Salad Dressing

Try a base of extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice, then add extra flavour with garlic, sea salt and pepper. 

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