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Carla Oates The Beauty Chef Founder

With Holly Davis

Best known for her work as an inspiring wholefood chef and educator, Holly Davis is passionate about seducing people to better ways of thinking about, sourcing, preparing, and eating balanced wholefood meals—by teaching them to make or feeding them, irresistibly delicious foods, that happen to be good for them.

Given how our own food philosophy aligns so closely with Holly's, we were therefore thrilled she was happy to be a part of our 'Get Gutsy With' series...

What do you celebrate about getting older?

I celebrate the attainment of some level of wisdom. A better relationship with what really matters. It is easier to let go. 

What is something you would tell your 20-year-old self?

There is not a thing you need to alter, enjoy your beautiful self. One day everyone will share your passion for the value of fermented foods and drinks! 

What is something that you do that makes you feel gutsy and empowered?

Doing it myself, fixing things, making do, finding a way with what is available to me. Making food and drinks that cause others delight remains as a totally empowering gift I am ever grateful for.

What is one hobby or activity that is bringing you joy right now?

I am in Italy right now in search of the best naturally-flavoured gelato, that is a joyous task. In my youth I would have walked right by and denied myself the pleasure. Yesterday I had a strawberry and tomato granita with no added sugar, the balance of flavours was sublime, the pleasure lingers still!

How has your emotional wellbeing evolved as you've gotten older?

I am kinder to myself more often. Emotions are a rollercoaster but I find I enjoy the ride more now, trusting with certainty that everything changes to its opposite with time.

Are there any challenges—physical/emotional/spiritual—that have surprised you?

Yes, it's surprising to find I can't just keep pushing myself physically in the way I used to. I am now forced to respect my physical limits and accept that sometimes, I need to ask for assistance. I am also challenged by the effects of gravity and finally I recognise the value of self-care, by way of a hat and plenty of moisturiser! When looking in the mirror I am surprised to see how much like my parents I look. 

How have your priorities shifted as you've reached the milestone of 64?

A lot of what once seemed vital no longer does. I celebrate each year older and give thanks for being alive and well and in love with the natural world and those people who make up my immediate circle of family and friends.

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