6 energy-boosting hacks that actually work

Carla Oates
Carla Oates

Looking for ways to boost your energy on the daily? Although experts say it’s ideal for the average adult to be getting seven or more hours of sleep per night, it’s not the only lifestyle factor that can contribute to feelings of tiredness. 

The mental load of balancing work, family, friends and life in general can weigh heavily on your mind and body, leading to a lack of vitality that no amount of sleep can alleviate. 

While it can be tempting to resort to quick fixes (hello coffee), the real secret to a sustained energy has nothing to do with caffeine. From smarter snacking to soaking up some sunshine, here are six energy-boosting hacks to try. 

#1 Exercise 

When you’re tired, exercise is usually one of the first things to be given the boot in favour of a lie down. But studies have found that fitting in 20-40 minutes of exercise can be just as effective at reducing fatigue as a cup of coffee. So if a quick walk is all you have time for, it’s still well worth it. Better yet, if you can manage some moderate intensity exercise, you’ll be rewarded with a significant effect on your energy levels. Not to mention exercise has also been shown to boost dopamine—aka the happy hormone. 

#2 Enjoy smarter snacks 

The more tired you feel, the more likely you are to reach for sugary snacks. The downside to this quick fix? The sugar rush passes just as fast as it satisfies. Instead, choose snacks that contain carbohydrates, protein and fibre, that will keep you fuller for longer and provide a sustained energy. Yoghurt and berries or apples with nut butter are two great options. Or, if you’ve got time, try whipping an Energising Berry Smoothie. 

#3 Soak up some sunshine (safely) 

Feel more energetic on a sunny day than you do on a cloudy one? There’s some science to it. One of the best-known benefits of sunlight is vitamin D, which contributes to immune health, bone health and hormone production. Some studies have also suggested an association between sunshine and serotonin production, which helps regulate mood, hunger, sleep, learning, memory and your libido—so it’s possible to for sunshine to provide a natural energy high. Just be sure to soak it up at times when the UV index is low, wear SPF 50+ and cover up any exposed skin. 

#4 Stick to a wake-up time 

If you’re sleeping in one or two days of the week to try to ‘catch up’ on some energy, it may actually be having the opposite effect. A growing body of research shows that waking up at the same time every morning can not only help you sleep better at night but make it easier to get out of bed in the morning. Consistency is key for regulating your circadian rhythm and helps your body to know when it should be releasing melatonin (the hormone that induces sleepiness).  

#5 Turn up your favourite tunes 

Listening to music has been linked to a reduction in stress levels, as well as a rise in serotonin and dopamine. Of course, it helps if it’s music that you love, so try creating a playlist for your morning commute rather than relying on the radio. The combination of lower cortisol levels and mood-regulating neurotransmitters can provide an energy boost while promoting focus and motivation. 

#6 Consider a supplement 

Certain herbs, such as astragalus, have been traditionally used in Chinese Medicine for years to promote energy levels and increase vitality—which is why you’ll find it in our latest herbal probiotic capsule, SUPERGENES™ Energy & Vitality. It’s utilised alongside rhodiola and Siberian ginseng, which are traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to relieve tiredness, as well as vitamin B5 and B6 to maintain energy production and support mental stamina. The best part? You can reap the benefits with just two capsules per day. 


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