Get gutsy with Carla: Why I created Plumpers™

Carla Oates
Carla Oates

I know how much our community loves collagen but I also know how busy life can be. Enter: the idea for a potent, highly absorbable, healthy and delicious kind of collagen you can take anytime, anywhere. 

A lot of ingredient sourcing, clinical research, and taste-testing later—Plumpers™ have arrived. 

I worked with our team of naturopaths, nutritionists, and microbiologists to come up with a convenient and efficacious collagen chewable that can work synergistically with our complete range to plump up your skin, wherever you may be.  

In the car, at your desk, overseas. Plumpers™ are tiny but mighty. 1 serve (3 x tablets) = 2625 mg of collagen.  

What’s even better is that there are three fun and healthy flavours to choose from: Chocolate, Kakadu Plum & Berry and Orange & Turmeric 

Find your favourite and simply POP. CHEW. PLUMP. 

Ok, so what are Plumpers™? 

We know how essential collagen is for plump, bouncy and hydrated skin.   

Plumpers™ contain Verisol™—highly absorbable collagen peptides—at a dosage that actually does something. 

In clinical trials performed on Verisol™, the following results were noted after 8 weeks: 

  • 98% of participants saw an improvement in skin elasticity levels* 
  • A 65% increase in collagen^ 
  • A 50% reduction in eye wrinkle volume^ 

*Verisol™ had a 98% success rate in improving skin elasticity levels in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in 69 healthy, German women.   

^Versiol™ was shown to reduce eye wrinkle volume by 49.9% and increased procollagen type 1 content by 65% after 8 weeks in a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in 114 healthy, German women.  

Aside from the fact they’re bursting with flavour, you’ll love Plumpers™ because they:  

Support collagen production and skin elasticity. Clinically-trialled hydrolysed collagen peptides contribute to collagen production, skin elasticity and skin hydration. 1 serve = 2625 mg collagen.  

A potent postbiotic & highly absorbable formula with hyaluronic acid.  Postbiotic Lactobacillus plantarum L-137 supports skin hydration and immune system health.  

Convenient and oh so easy. Chewable tablets with multiple skin benefits you can pop on the go—just chew three daily for results. Savour the flavour, see it in your skin. 

Easy to use with your Beauty Chef collagen products. Already taking DEEP MARINE COLLAGEN™ and COLLAGEN? The Beauty Chef’s collagen range is designed to work synergistically together— plump it up at home, on the go and maximise your bounce. You can learn more about the recommended daily intake for collagen here. 

By creating an innovative delivery system that’s easy and delicious, with clinically-trialled hydrolysed collagen peptides and a potent postbiotic for immune health and function, Plumpers™ can not only go anywhere with you but also yield impressive skin benefits.  

Made with busy lifestyles in mind, I can’t wait for you to try Plumpers™ and see just how effortless and efficacious they are! 

Carla x