A Holistic Skin Therapist On How To Achieve Clear Skin

Carla Oates
Carla Oates The Beauty Chef Founder & CEO

Holistic skin therapist, CEO and owner of Love Beauty Skin Clinic, Rachel Diaz, is an expert when it comes to inner and outer beauty. Specialising in acne and other inflammatory skin conditions, her integrative approach aims to achieve long-term, sustainable results that steer away from unrealistic quick fixes. 

LoveBeauty has been a long time retail partner and stockist of The Beauty Chef products, which they regularly incorporate into their clients protocols. Take a quick look at the incredible before and afters on their Instagram page and it is clear (pun-intended) that the combination of The Beauty Chef inner beauty products with LoveBeauty topical treatments delivers real results.

Can you tell us a little bit about your holistic approach to beauty and how you work with clients?

"At LoveBeauty, our team of skin professionals have mastered the art of achieving holistic guided skin results, recognising that a person's overall health profoundly impacts their skin's appearance. We take our holistic mantra of 'healing over concealing' pretty seriously, integrating both topical and internal solutions to combat stress and improve on gut health, hormones, and skin health as we know beautiful skin starts from within!

We firmly believe that knowledge is power, so our client’s skin journeys always begin with a personalised consultation, focusing on education.

Our skin health and dermal therapists collaborate with our in-house clinical nutritionist to create a 360-degree holistic approach. Through tailored nutrition programs, we can balance blood sugar levels, optimise hormone production, and even utilise functional testing like Microbiome Mapping to identify and treat gut dysbiosis. This allows us to target the root cause of our client's skin conditions with specific supplementation and dietary recommendations."

What differences do your clients see when they use both a topical and internal approach when treating skin concerns?

"We see SUCH a huge difference! By empowering our clients with knowledge about the gut-skin connection, we achieve transformational results in a remarkably short period of time. Following our holistic consultations, we prescribe a tailored skincare regimen. This often includes our go-to signature inner beauty combo: the powerful duo of The Beauty Chef GUT PRIMER™ and CLEAR SKIN™ supplements. This potent combination works wonders by reducing digestive inflammation, repairing the gut lining, boosting cell turnover and reducing blemishes, ultimately leading to clear skin and a reduction in facial redness.

Our holistic approach goes well beyond skincare; it involves making positive lifestyle changes in routine and diet. Not only do our clients experience improved confidence as their skin heals, but they also report feeling genuinely better, mentally and physically.

Our collaborative approach: integrating treatments, products, and targeted internal supplements, enables our clients to take charge of their wellbeing."

When it comes to booking in for a treatment, what are some of the best options for people dealing with skin congestion and breakouts?

"Our skin clearing process usually begins with infrared sauna therapy to support detoxification, followed by lymphatic compression therapy to drain and purify stagnant lymph fluid and cellular waste material. To target breakouts, we generally recommend LED light therapy for its antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory benefits.

For skincare, we advise using product ingredients such as niacinamide, AHAs, BHAs, and retinoids (as tolerated) to regulate sebaceous gland activity and increase cellular turnover.

For internal support, our go-to solution is the CLEAR SKIN™ powder, which provides essential nutrients like zinc, vitamins A and C. We advise our clients to take CLEAR SKIN™ in the morning alongside their EFA’S. Some of our client’s even like to mix the GUT PRIMER™ and CLEAR SKIN™ together in the one glass.

We notice the best results with our client’s skin when they are consistent with their treatments, products and internals!"

What are some at home ways we can care for blemish-prone skin?

1. Invest in a high-quality cleanser – We recommend starting with an oil cleanser to remove makeup and pollutants, following with a gentle gel cleanser to remove any residues.

2. Keep a spot treatment handy – One with salicylic acid or pink clay for active blemishes.

3. Moisturise – Oily/congested skin still needs moisturising! For problematic skin, look for oil-free or gel formulations to restore hydration and balance oil flow. 

4. Weekly DIY mask treatment  My favourite includes an enzyme exfoliation followed by the at-home PRIN lymphatic mask and the Omnilux clear home LED—it’s a result driven treatment in-between our monthly facials.

5. Inner beauty care — We also recommend a whole food diet, drinking 2L of filtered water daily, incorporating some form of daily movement to support the lymphatic system, and sufficient sleep—all essential for skin radiance and vitality.

Our must-have skin supplements include zinc, antioxidants and EFA’S, which is why we rave on about GUT PRIMER™ and CLEAR SKIN™ to all of our clients as "the supplements" they need to be taking. We've even seen amazing results within our own team in the improvement of congestion and rosacea!"

Are there any topical skincare ingredients or treatments you’d recommend avoiding for blemish-prone skin?

"For blemish-prone skin, it's best to steer clear of physical exfoliants, as they can be aggressive and irritate inflamed lesions. Instead, we prefer gentle enzyme exfoliants with papaya and pineapple fruit acids to dissolve redundant skin cells. Be mindful of overusing and wrongfully prescribing actives and resurfacing ingredients. Always seek professional advice from a certified skin expert!

We also avoid microdermabrasion and strong chemical peels, as they tend to not be suitable for breakout-prone skin and can lead to unwanted side effects such as TEWL, hyperpigmentation, and premature ageing. Instead, we believe in the practice of corneotherapy and ensure to keep the skin barrier intact during every phase of our treatment programs."

What lifestyle and nutrition practices do you incorporate to complement your outer beauty routine?

"In my personal routine, I emphasise a balanced diet with whole foods, fresh vegetables, fruits, and quality protein sources like grass-fed meats and wild-caught fish. I am incorporating more protein into my meals to keep me fuller for longer, as well as having apple cider vinegar before meals to increase my stomach acid. 

Taking a collagen supplement daily has also made a noticeable difference to the strength and health of my hair and nails—I always get asked if I have extensions! I like to add The Beauty Chef HYDRATION and COLLAGEN elixirs to my water bottle for a daily dose of electrolytes and antioxidants to protect against oxidative stress. I’m focused on everything anti-ageing right now, so my supplement routine reflects this.

What do you anticipate to be the next big paradigm shift in the world of beauty?

"I believe natural beauty is really making a comeback! And it’s something I’m really hoping to see more of.  People are increasingly seeking ways to enhance their natural beauty by prioritising self-care, health, and wellness practices. With easy access to information through various social media platforms, podcasts, and Google, more than ever, individuals are empowered to educate themselves on health and holistic beauty.

I’m really hoping to see less fad, quick-fix treatments, and more skin restorative therapies that support and correct the skin on a cellular level. And guess what? Relaxation and high-touch experiences are back, cold clinical is out! People want results while still enjoying the "experience" and taking a well-deserved break from their hectic lives. After all, skin health is no longer a luxury—it's a must-have!"