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    The first step to healthy, radiant skin is balancing digestive health. Good skincare follows. My organic skincare range blends selected food ingredients with a natural fermentation process to bring out the very best in all of our ingredients and keep the skin’s ecosystem strong and healthy. I have embraced the time-honoured art of fermentation for the clever way that it naturally bio-activates nutrients in ingredients to make them more available for the body and skin to use. By increasing the biological value of already nutrient rich organic ingredients, we offer you supernatural skincare to help keep your skin healthy, radiant and resilient inside and out. We employ a unique and natural fermentation process, backed by twenty years of research to make powerful and active extracts for our bioactive skincare that is truly good for you. 

    Carla Oates

    Our products:

    • Offer skincare that works from the inside out for healthy, radiant skin.
    • Biologically enhanced through our unique bio-fermentation process
    • Harness the benefits of whole foods, fermented foods and pre and probiotics.
    • Certified Organic, Biodynamic, local and fair trade ingredients wherever possible
    • Rich in bio-available nutrients
    • Work closely with the skin’s own bio-rhythms
    Flora Culture
    Certified Organic


    *Flora Culture: is the Beauty Chef’s unique and natural bio-fermentation process.
    *Bio-synergistic blending(™): A process unique to The Beauty Chef where we blend specific ingredients together to magnify and/or release their nutritional potential.



    Carla believes it is essential that we eat whole foods when possible as opposed to consuming synthetic forms of supplements. Recent nutritional studies show that the interactivity of nutrients in whole foods are more powerful than when these nutrients are extracted and used in an isolated form. Food combining is also important; for example studies show that eating spinach with avocado will increase the absorption of anti-oxidants by up to 400%.



    While we work closely with nature, The Beauty Chef’s products are supported by science. Many of our ingredients have been clinically tested. We use active and efficacious ingredients to ensure that your skin is cared for from the inside out.



    Fermentation is a time-honored custom that has been practiced by many cultures for thousands of years. While the process is simple, it has a powerful, biologically enhancing effect on ingredients which increases their nutrient value.

    Carla has been fermenting food for years and noticed the myriad skin benefits of consuming fermented foods like kimchi, saukercraut and kefir. "Eating these foods helps clarify and rejuvenate the skin from the inside, so it glows on the outside". When applied to topical skincare, the process of fermentation increases the bio-availability of ingredients so that they can be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. You receive the benefits of super charged ingredients while using a completely natural bio-system, keeping in tune with the biorhythms of our bodies and nature. The Beauty Chef's unique Flora Culture process is backed by twenty years of research.

    The process also produces good bacteria, which is vital for a healthy gut. Carla says, “I am a big believer that beautiful skin starts on the inside. It’s where your hormones are metabolized, 70% of your immune system lies, and where nutrients are manufactured and toxins are eliminated. For good health, the gut requires a proliferation of good bacteria, which can be found in abundant supply in fermented foods. The skin, hair and nails are the last places to get nutrients that go to more important organs first; therefore the skin is the first place where gut imbalances or signs of under nutrition will manifest. Beneficial bacteria in the gut is key to good health and skin."

    "The role of the infinitely small in nature is infinitely great"
    Louis Pasteur