While many of the original ingredients remain the same, HYDRATION SUPERCHARGED now contains more fermented coconut water than before, while we’ve also added refreshing finger lime, cucumber and magnesium. The final formulation contains 58mg of magnesium per 15mL serve (18% of the Australian RDI), which is important for nerve and muscle function as well as balancing the electrolytes in your cells—an important aspect of skin and body hydration. We’ve also supercharged this elixir by adding important trace minerals from Australian sea waters. We have also refined our process to bring more fermented gut loving goodness to our formulas. This means that our formulations deliver enhanced gut-skin benefits as well as improving the digestibility and bioavailability of the wholefoods being fermented. Combined, these changes boost the refreshment and hydration capabilities of this delicious concentrate—meaning more body and skin hydration, for you!