While many of the original ingredients remain the same, ANTIOXIDANT SUPERCHARGED now contains more fermented papaya than before, as well as selenium, vitamin C and elderberry extract for a healthy functioning immune system. We’ve kept herbal extracts such as green tea and pomegranate fruit peel for their known antioxidant effects and added apple cider vinegar for more gut loving goodness. ANTIOXIDANT SUPERCHARGED now contains 66% of your RDI of vitamin C and 16% of your RDI of selenium—both of which help to protect your cells from free radical damage, supercharging the protective benefits of ANTIOXIDANT. We have also refined our process to bring more fermented gut loving goodness to our formulas. This means that our formulations deliver enhanced gut-skin benefits as well as improving the digestibility and bioavailability of the wholefoods being fermented. We have also added our own trademarked strain of probiotic, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GUT5Y™. All of these add up to ANTIOXIDANT SUPERCHARGED delivering more gut and skin loving benefits.