How To Transform Your Desk Into a Wellness Hub

Did you know that the average Australian spends the equivalent of 13 unbroken years of their life at work?

Understandably then, it pays to create a space that promotes feelings of calm, creativity and productivity. Here’s how to do just that.

To Improve Wellbeing

Plants are the MVP when it comes to office accessories—they help to filter the airlift your mood, boost productivity and reduce stress. Some of our favourites at The Beauty Chef HQ include peace lilies, rubber trees and orchids for a hit of colour, but according to Dr. Fraser Torpy of the University of Technology, Sydney, any “medium-sized plant (anything above about 20cm) in a room will make really big reductions” to the level of chemical compounds (i.e benzene from cigarette smoke or formaldehyde from paints and varnishes) that might be present in a room.

To Minimise Stress

Whether it’s an impending deadline, an unsettling email or a difficult client, stress is an unavoidable part of working life. Introducing: lavender oil, the desk-friendly essential oil that’s been shown to exhibit positive effects on general anxiety. Inhale deeply whenever necessary or use a roller bottle to massage the oil into your pulse points.

To Nourish Your Skin 

Air-conditioning and heating are the creature-comforts that most of us can’t imagine working without—but they’re not so good when it comes to our complexion as they remove moisture from the air. If you find that your skin is becoming unusually dry and dehydrated, keep a pot of Flora Fix Balm™ in your drawer. Our nourishing formula contains camellia oil, rosehip and coconut to protect, nourish and hydrate.

To Boost Your Mood

At The Beauty Chef HQ, we use standing desks intermittently throughout the day—and for good reason: studies show that even 60 minutes of standing may help to increase energy and improve mood in an office environment. Our tip: avoid leaning on one hip, and instead, keep your feet parallel (think: train tracks) and position one foot slightly in front of the other to distribute your weight.

To Pep You Up 

The dreaded 3pm energy slump is all too real for the majority of office workers. But, rather than reaching for another coffee (hello, cortisol!) reach for WELL SPRAY. Our probiotic, oral spray contains Biotin, a complex B vitamin that is important for nutrient metabolism and energy production. Plus, the inclusion of peppermint oil, as well as other herbal extracts, will help wake you up from any desk-induced drowsiness. 12 sprays (4 sprays, 3 times a day under the tongue) is all you need.

To Regulate Your Metabolism

Did you know that your gut helps to regulate your metabolism, as well as your mood and energy? To keep your metabolism ticking along nicely, incorporate protein-rich, gut-friendly snacks into your day. Protein helps to boost your metabolism (i.e. the speed at which your body uses energy) and reduce cravings. Stuck for ideas? These Choc, Banana & Tahini Protein Balls and Black Bean & Cacao Protein Truffles are the perfect office-friendly treat.

What’s your non-negotiable desk essential?

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