A Friend refers The Beauty Chef to you:

  1. You received a referral from a friend via email or social.
  2. You click the link via email/ social and enter your email into web form.
  3. You receive a $10 unique discount code to your inbox.
  4. You create an order at thebeautychef.com order by clicking the link from the email, your cart must be $50.00 or more to be eligible to add discount code
  5. Copy & paste code: e.g ‘xyz-abc’ into the checkout
  6. On eligible purchases, if the above steps are followed, your friend who referred you receives a $10 discount reward. You must be a new customer.

You refer The Beauty Chef to a friend:

  1. You enter your email into the referral widget or landing page.
  2. You share The Beauty Chef with a friend using the referral widget or landing page, via email, facebook, twitter or messenger.
  3. Your friend receives an email inviting them to receive $10 off at The Beauty Chef.
  4. Your friend clicks link via the email to enter their details into the web form.
  5. Your friend receives an email to their inbox with their $10 unique discount code.
  6. Your friend makes a purchase at thebeautychef.com, shopping cart must be $50.00+ and uses unique discount code for $10 off. They must be a new customer.
  7. If the purchase was eligible, you receive a $10 discount reward to your inbox to redeem on your next order.