Inner Beauty Is… with Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is truly one of Australia’s most inspiring women. Having built a global activewear empire, she has also been at the forefront of the movement to make fashionable activewear part of our sartorial vocabulary.

But aside from bringing us beautiful activewear, this hard-working entrepreneur has also built a health and wellness community that inspires women everywhere to lead a more active life through her philosophy – Move. Nourish. Believe.

You are a well-known advocate for living a healthy and active lifestyle. How has this way of life impacted the success of your business?

My way of life is my business! Everything that we do at Lorna Jane is based on the way that I live my life – active living and the daily practice of Move, Nourish, Believe.

Everything from the activewear we design being based on what I want to wear, to the books I write about the way I live my life and the food I eat. Even the way we run the business is very much influenced by my own beliefs and the fit and healthy lifestyle that I actually live myself!

What have you learnt about yourself since launching your business? And what advice would you give to your younger self?

Probably that I’m capable of so much more than I originally realised! As my confidence and experience has grown over the years, so has my business – and I don’t believe that’s a coincidence. I’ve always been driven and I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful husband and family who believe in me and push me – which is amazing. But I do think seeing the fruits of my labour surpass what I ever could have imagined in the early days of sitting, cutting patterns on my living room floor, is pretty incredible motivation to see what else you can achieve.

I’m not one for looking back too much, so on the odd occasion that I do look back and reflect on what we have achieved – I’ll admit that I’m happy with what I have achieved so far.

My advice to my younger self would be – you’ve got this! You may not have all of the experience and skills that you’re going to need along the way, but you will learn and grow and get better every day. Trust in your abilities, work hard and know that you are capable of bigger things than you are doing today –remember to keep believing in yourself and make the most of all of the lessons along the way!

Your Move, Nourish, Believe platform has inspired women globally. What inspires you?

I’m inspired by all the trailblazing women out there who have the courage to chase down their dreams, especially the ones that had to face adversity or go against popular opinion and challenge the status quo.

We need more women like this and more women that lift each other up and know that their success won’t be dimmed by the progress of others. Women who move through life with strength, dignity and unwavering self-belief. Women like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres and of course, my Mum.

What do you do to keep yourself grounded?

I meditate and practice yoga daily. I’m also surrounded by people who I love and trust and who are honest and say it as they see it. I value honesty and openness and that’s how my friends, family and team are with me and each other! We call each other out if (and when) we need to.

What does inner beauty mean to you?

Inner beauty is the most important beauty. It’s a beauty that shines from the inside and to me, there are two types – firstly, your heart, soul and personality. Whether you’re kind, authentic and are of good intention. And secondly, your inner health. How you take care of and feed your mind and your body. Both reflect on your overall beauty and how you appear on the outside.

Can you give us an example of a time you’ve listened to your gut instinct?

I listen to my heart (and my gut), daily. I like to think that I’m very much in tune with my mind and my body and I trust myself and my judgement. A great example of following my gut instinct is when everyone told me I was crazy to quit my job to make activewear, and even though I’ll admit it was scary, I listened to my instinct and just gave it a ‘go’. And thank goodness I did! I’m pretty sure it was the right decision, don’t you?!?

What do you do to get your daily GLOW on?

I Move, Nourish, Believe every day. I eat really well and will admit that I take my Beauty Chef GLOW powder each morning without fail. I drink lots of water, I decide to be happy, I laugh a lot and I spend time doing the things that I love – all of these things, I think, makes me glow.

I have to keep reminding myself that… not everyone gets as excited about activewear as I do. Even though they should!

I’ll never be too old for… Anything! Age is just a number and I believe that a simple number on a birthday card shouldn’t stop you from doing anything or everything you want to do.

Wednesday’s make me feel… Determined. I want to speed up and finish the week off with a bang!

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