Get Gutsy with Carla | How I Stay Healthy When I Travel

It’s certainly true that travel is good for the soul, but often, I find that it takes a toll on my skin and gut...

Over the years I’ve adopted some non-negotiables that I incorporate into every trip. As I travel so much for work, I really rely on these simple rituals to help me feel grounded, energised and well…


Ask anyone in The Beauty Chef office and they'll tell you that I'm a huge foodie. So it makes sense that one of my greatest pleasures when exploring a new place is to discover the local dining scene! Wherever possible, I tend to stick to restaurants and cafes that use wholefoods (extra points if it's organic and local) Depending on the location, healthy food can be a little hard to find, so I always do my research ahead of time and ask around for suggestions. Food will often dictate where I stay; I like to ensure that my hotel has a healthy menu or that there are nutritious options nearby. If I know I’ll be out and about all day, I often opt for a scoop of BODY Inner Beauty Support in water or plant-based milk as a protein-rich snack that will keep me going.


My favourite way to get around is on foot and I really feel that I know a city better after exploring it this way. You see lots of interesting things in detail that you’d miss if you were travelling by car or bus: you can choose where you go, stop when you want and turn a corner whenever you spot something that sparks your interest. It's also the perfect way to keep your body moving—I'm always surprised by how many steps I've done in a day without even noticing. Bonus: studies show that as little as 10 minutes of walking after a meal helps to control blood sugar levels.


For me, journaling is a lot like walking—it allows me to explore solutions, pursue ideas and evaluate things from a healthy distance. If I'm travelling for business, I like to jot down ideas that come to mind in meetings and conversations, or if I’m inspired by something that I see in the street. I’ll then head to a cafe to ponder my ideas over a pot of tea. Research shows that journaling can reduce stress and help with problem-solving, so it’s the ideal ritual for work trips. If I'm travelling with family or friends, journaling is a simple way to steal a few moments for myself and “voice” what I’m grateful for.


I do a lot of international travelling to visit stores that carry The Beauty Chef range, meet with media and speak at conferences, which means plenty of plane trips and short bouts of sleep. And when I’m not on the road, I'm often in meetings—come flu season, this can really take a toll on my immune system. For this reason, I always carry WELL SPRAY, my oral travel spray. It boasts a beautiful combination of bio-fermented, herbal ingredients—think olive leaf, sage, peppermint, clove bud, pomegranate, elderberry and calendula—that work powerfully within the body to support immune health, boost digestion and protect cells from free radical damage. I also added selenium and biotin to the formula to support immune function and energy metabolism, while helping to maintain glowing skin, healthy hair and strong nails. Needless to say, I don’t leave home without it!


I always take a reusable water bottle with me—it’s the key to staying hydrated when travelling and helps me to avoid single-use plastic. What’s more, my bottle has an inbuilt filter that removes fluoride and chlorine (that kills the bacteria in our tap water, but also the good bacteria in our gut) so I always have pure H2O on hand.


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