How to Cultivate a Glowing Mind

By Anastasia Williams

What do you imagine a glowing mind to be?

A mind that is spacious and luminous. A mind that is focused, yet expansive and inspired. A mind that operates connected to authenticity and a mind that sends signals of love and acceptance throughout your entire body.


The answer is, MEDITATION!

Everything starts in the mind. The mind creates the environment for the messaging and stored belief systems of our entire physical, mental, emotional and energetic wellbeing. That’s why, just like the rest of our self-care practices – detoxing, nourishing, nurturing and exercising – strengthening the mind is vital. By taking the time to cultivate the GLOW in your mind, the GLOW in your body and soul will naturally follow.

It is no secret that meditation is excellent for our overall wellbeing and regardless of the type of meditation you choose to pursue, the practice shifts the state of your mind and enables all your thoughts, feelings, words and actions to flow.

Meditation also naturally brings you in touch with the flow of your breath. As your attention on your breath grows, it’s able to slow down and subsequently – your mind also begins to quieten. From there, we can begin to develop the self-awareness to discover where in our lives we are creating stories, feeling stress, negativity or heaviness.


Everything in our body has the ability to self-correct and heal, given the right environment. The truth is, everything is interconnected.

With growing scientific evidence to support the link between our gut, brain and skin health too – it makes sense then that when there is a luminous clarity in the mind, there is luminosity and clarity in the gut, as well as the skin.


There is a common misnomer that meditation is to stop the mind, when in reality, it’s a process we can use to cleanse, strengthen, inspire and recalibrate the content and direction of the mind. We can retrain its default mechanisms toward a more aligned, uplifted and grateful state.

When practised on a daily basis – even for as little as 3–5 minutes – meditation can be a simple and effective tool to nourish ourselves from within. It lets us know that we are in the driver’s seat and while we cannot control everything around us, we can learn to control how we think, feel and respond to our experiences. Harnessing this ability is life-changing.

Meditation can also take many forms and doesn’t have to be a single, sit-down experience. Practising mindfulness is also meditative and can be as simple as a slow fluid inhale and exhale through your nose while doing the dishes, going for a walk or exercising. This is the secret – a GLOWing mind through meditation and mindfulness is there for you in all moments.

What we water, grows, so use meditation as a tool to bring your mind back into its GLOW state – each and every day.


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