4 Benefits Of Facial Massage (And How To Do It At Home)

By Carla Oates


There’s no disputing the many benefits of a good body massage. From releasing stress and tension, to increasing flexibility and releasing fascia, inducing deep relaxation and increasing circulation—massage therapy is beneficial on a number of levels.

But what about facial massage? With the surge in popularity of facial massage and facial massage therapies over the last few years—it’s worth questioning what all the hype is about. How does a facial massage differ from a regular facial? And what are the benefits?

Below, we take a deep dive into the art of facial massage and determine why they’re a skincare essential—as well as how to do it at home.

But First, What Is Facial Massage?

As you would expect, facial massage is similar to body massage and involves using either your hands or a beauty tool such as a rose quartz, jade roller or Gua Sha, to apply deep, penetrative movements to the face in order to release muscle tension and rejuvenate the skin.

From long sweeping movements, pinching, kneading, tapping or stroking—facial massage techniques can differ depending on the intended goals— but the benefits are undisputed, no matter your skin type.

4 Benefits Of Facial Massage

Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
Without a doubt, one of the most sought-after benefits of facial massage is its ability to help reduce the visible signs of ageing—including fine lines and wrinkles. By simply stimulating the skin, circulation and blood flow is increased and subsequently fibroblasts are ‘kickstarted’ to produce more collagen—the protein that is responsible for keeping our skin plump, smooth and youthful. We also naturally hold a lot of tension in our face (hello, frown lines!), so by manually manipulating the skin and helping to release the fascia beneath the skin’s surface, we can also help to support skin elasticity and reduce the depth and appearance of these lines and wrinkles over time.


Aids lymphatic drainage & reduces puffiness
Another key
benefit of facial massage (and massage in general) is its power to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping to remove and release toxins. In facial massage, the lymph nodes around the neck and underneath the ears are key pressure points that can be manipulated—and it’s this process of releasing stagnant lymph and increasing blood flow that helps to reduce puffiness, the appearance of dark circles and brighten dull skin.


Improves product absorption
Facial massage also has the added benefit of improving the absorption and activation of your favourite serums and facial oils. While facial massage can be done on dry skin, it often feels more luxurious if product is used in conjunction with your chosen massage technique—whether using your fingers or a beauty tool such as a Gua Sha. By helping to push product deep into your skin, the active ingredients can get to work and absorb more quickly. It’s also a nice way to add a little self-care to your daily skincare routine. At The Beauty Chef HQ, we love to incorporate facial massage when applying our GLOW F.A.C.E Intensive Rejuvenating Oil—using firm upward strokes to lift, brighten and firm skin.


Induces relaxation
Similarly to body massage, facial massage has a lovely way of inducing deep relaxation—reducing stress and tension in the face. While it’s difficult to quantify the levels of relaxation reached during facial massage, advocates of the practice speak about how their skin seems to ‘glow’ after a treatment. And that’s something we can certainly get on board with!


How To DIY Facial Massage At Home

As a baseline, incorporating facial massage into your daily skincare routine will certainly be of benefit—with the addition of a professional facial massage treatment either monthly or bi-monthly. 

To begin, apply a little of your favourite serum or facial oil to your fingertips, then beginning at your jawline, use firm strokes to follow your jaw out towards the base of your ears. For more pressure, use your thumbs to release muscle tension in the jaw and facial muscles—and follow with firm upward strokes along each side of the neck.

To help lift and tone skin, use your fingertips to sweep your skin upwards from your jawline towards your cheekbones, then use circular motions at your temples to relieve further tension. 

Finish by using either your thumbs or fingertips to gently sweep skin outwards from the middle of your brows towards the hairline.

The result? Skin looks healthy, glowing, firm and lifted.

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